Terms of Services

This agreement is established when you use SMMOVO's services. When you register to use our services or use them, you agree that you have read and understood our terms. If you do not read and understand the terms, SMMOVO.COM is not responsible for any losses you may incur.

Policy - Delivery of service:

If you order from SMMOVO, you automatically accept all the terms of service below, regardless of whether you have read them or not.

  • Please be aware that we reserve the right to modify these terms of service at any time without prior notice. Before placing every order, you should read the terms of service to ensure you are informed of any changes or upcoming changes.
  • Using the SMMOVO panel, you must adhere to all social media agreements made with Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Vine, YouTube, and other social media platforms. You can find full details about these agreements on each social media platform's Terms of Service page.
  • The price of SMMOVO's service can be changed without notice at any time. Regardless of changes in rates, the terms are still in effect.
  • Smmovo.com does not guarantee a specific service delivery time since it depends on the service order quantity. A delivery time estimate is provided by Smmovo.com as accurately as possible. If you feel the processing time is too long, SMMOVO will not refund any orders that are in process at the time.
  • Our team at SMMOVO is committed to consistently delivering the product or service that our resellers expect from us. If we decide to change a service type to fulfil an order, we reserve the right to do so.


If you or your business suffer any damages, SMMOVO is not responsible.


SMMOVO is not responsible for account suspensions, picture deletions, or other social media activities done by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Vine, Pinterest, or any other social media website.


The purpose of SMMOVO.com is to promote your YouTube, Spotify, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook account and boost your reputation.

  • This company does not promise that your new followers will interact with you. All we guarantee is that you get followers for the money you paid.
  • As a policy, we do not guarantee that 100% of accounts will have a profile photo, bio, and published post. However, we work to make this a reality for all performances.
  • The SMMOVO site does not permit users to upload any material that is not appropriate or accepted by YouTube, Soundcloud, Vine, Pinterest, or other social media sites.
  • It will not cover refill protection for pages that already had over 150k followers, likes and views when you ordered us. The server cannot identify where you lost those followers, likes, views.

Payment and Refund Policies:

You must deposit funds into your account wallet when you want to place or submit an order with SMMOVO. You can pay using major payment gateways such as VISA/MasterCard, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Payoneer, Payeer, Bitcoin, and PayTm. You must create an account, visit the add funds page, select a payment gateway and add your account. Once a successful payment is made, your credit will be deposited automatically within 5 minutes.

  • If you would like SMMOVO to refund the remaining balance after the deposit, you can request a refund to your payment gateway at any time. Your refund will be credited to your account within 6-12 hours. Your local bank or credit card company will determine how much money you can get to your card or bank.
  • After a deposit, if you open a dispute or chargeback us for no valid reason, we have the right to refuse all future orders and ban your account from the website. Also, we have the authority to take off any Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media followers, likes that we deliver to your or your customer's account.
  • When a customer requests a refund or cancellation, SMMOVO will refund or cancel the order. Should your order not be delivered, SMMOVO will refund the amount to your account.
  • SMMVO will not be responsible for any changes to the order's page or the account username/URL/Link that get broken, disappear, or get suspended for violating social media terms and conditions. If the order status is completed, SMMOVO will not refund the money/order.
  • The refund policy does not apply to misplaced or private account orders. You are responsible for checking the accuracy of your order before submitting it.
  • Use of unauthorized or stolen credit cards may result in account termination for fraudulent activity. No matter the reason, the ending will happen.
  • You shouldn't run the same page on two different servers simultaneously. Otherwise, our system cannot provide you with a correct start count of followers/likes/views. There is no refund available for this order.

Privacy Policy:


The SMMOVO team is as sensitive to privacy violations as you are. As the title indicates, the purpose of this document is to describe how we will use your personal data. Taking the protection of your personal information very seriously, we will take all the measures necessary to ensure that it is safeguarded. The information you provide to us, will be used only to process your order. We will never sell or exchange your information with any other company. We will always protect your information using encryption on a secure server.